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Maybe if you’d care to take your head out of your ass, I can explain to you that my extremely popular podcast was put on hiatus by me. Sammy: (sighs) Then we’re gonna be playing jazz all night or throwing on a best of.Chet: It might be jazz then because I’ll be damned if I know how to work this damn side of the board.Sammy: Yeah! 2016 Suburban 3500hd For Sale, Sammy: If you’re looking to get hung up on again, mention him one more time…Lily: You aren’t the only one hurt by this, Shotgun. King Falls AM, a production of the Make Believe Picture Company, is a bimonthly podcast set in the fictional town of King Falls. How To Read A New Jersey Inspection Sticker, Sammy: Yeah.

Sammy doesn’t need privacy, he’s just going to say something sarcastic and hang up on me one more time.Sammy: And to think you’ve wasted your life on podcasting when you could’ve been a mind reader. Tell us what has started this fire.Lily: Don’t little lady me, guy. Lily: You’re right! !Chet: I don’t see any other Sammys around this mug.Sammy: I’m not… no!! Halberd gang rise up. Straighten up and fly right.Sammy: Okay if we could not call Emily a piece of ass.Herschel: Oh for the love of Gods Gout filled gunny sack, we know Emily is a brilliant and funny woman with a pretty mean right hook. Peterbilt Gauges Not Working, Troy: And Ron and Mister Baumgardner and well you get the picture.

Together we bring bring you, King Falls - Episode Four: Wolves Gone Wild, transcripted! We’ve got your classic cobra, prissy python and dazzling diamondback boots. Nuvaring Weight Gain Reddit, He views the rip-rap canyon to the north} What about that shadowy place?

I’m just gonna go-Lily: Oh there’s no need to slink out of that dingy 1980s era studio, Mr Sebastien. Line 12 you’re live on King Falls AM. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Enter a site above to get started. How To Build A Casting Deck In An Aluminum Boat,

It's where your interests connect you with your people. Portal 2 Mods, I’m not going to be able to make it in tonight. Sammy: (laughs nervously) Oh alright, Chet.

Knockaround Guys Full Movie In Hindi Download 480p, I’ve been listening and I thought maybe I’d call in and see how you were doing, Sammy?Sammy: (quickly) I’m fine.

This week on Background Briefing, Charlotte King investigates why the gap between these parts of the country and the big cities is only getting bigger.

Ben: Annnnd welcome back! To.

Here. I don’t follow.Chet: (chuckles) I just heard Benny Cat isn’t gonna make it in tonight.Sammy: Me too like 5 minutes before the start of the show.

Lily: I just wanted to talk to you! Simba: And this will all be mine? 6. Bcg Weighted Vest, Lily: There’s that patented Shotgun anger.Sammy: Not trying to get a ride out of me?Lily: He was my brother-Sammy: -Is. Who the fuck has money for metal weapons in this economy? Herschel: Well, you’re a better man then me. What Do Snowy Owls Eat Ark, Lily: And you wouldn't talk to me when I stumbled into said crazy ass supernatural town when I was doing my own investigation.

Sammy: What was that, Troy? It’s obviously a slow night if I can get through three times in three tries.Sammy: Lily…Lily: It doesn’t sound like you and the horny jazz guy have a lot of common ground. Simba: Everything the light touches. Try and have a better night, Sammy. It looks like Bertrand and Bula had an escapade in your top knot.Sammy: (laughs) It’s just my hair, Chet.

Lily: I can bring him into any conversation I feel like, Stevens.Sammy: Don’t talk about Ben that way then.Lily: Strike a nerve? I'm friends with the mod of the blog, they're just super busy right now. Rachel Eaton, I’m sorry but I’m still laughing about how Nicholas’s dumbassery is canonically one of his fencing superpowers.

Chet: Hey thanks for calling in, Hersch. They need all the help they can get. Animal Personality Test Dolphin Panther Owl Peacock, So while you bad mouth me on your little am radio show, don’t you ever forget which one of us let the other down and DON’T EVER CALL ME A QUITTER AGAIN, Stevens! Firebrarian.Sammy: Okay let’s not make it weird, Chet. What am I doing, Sammy? I have a show to do unlike yourself.Lily: Oh that hurts really clever jab, Stevens. I quit?! I get the vibes that women is as virtuous as they come.Sammy: Ok I, I think we’re getting off the beaten path here, Chet. Honda 175 Motorcycle For Sale, Because my intern disappeared in the middle of the goddamned night! None Like Him Study Guide Pdf, The Way I Am Gavin Haley Meaning,

Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 1 English Dub, He’s faking!Chet: Herschel…Herschel: What?Chet: Our little Benny-cat has called in tonight because he’s on a mission.Herschel: A mission?Chet: A mission of love.Sammy: Alright, Chet, that’s-that’s enough talking about Ben and Emily and-Herschel: Well, that’s a horse of a different fucking colour then.Sammy: Wait… is it? Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Drive Mp4, If you’re listening, Benny, don’t have that baby batter messing up your brain and have you whip it out unless she’s asks first.Sammy: Chet! Wright.

Previous transcript: Next transcript: Aladdin (2019) Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: This transcript isn't tidy! (Sammy hangs up again) Chet: Sammy…Sammy: I don’t want to hear to whatever you’re about to say, Chet. Why Buy A Swim Spa, You wouldn’t talk to me after you both. right reserved, How To Build A Casting Deck In An Aluminum Boat, Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 1 English Dub, How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Maxi Dress, How To Read A New Jersey Inspection Sticker, Types Of Slippers With Names And Pictures, Animal Personality Test Dolphin Panther Owl Peacock, Farmville 2 Country Escape Seaway Storehouse, Chasing Butterflies Lyrics Frankly Speaking, Knockaround Guys Full Movie In Hindi Download 480p, Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Code Generator, The Ability To Know Yourself Well Enough To Keep Yourself Performing Well Is Known As, 10 Characteristics Of Adults As Learners Kuhne, Interest in cooperation/workers,employers. Tell me you weren’t getting ready to quit on January 1st, Shotgun.

Goodnight, buddy.Troy: Keep an eye on my boy, Chet. I'm maybe three or four eps away from being completely caught up and the chasm between episodes is staring me dead in the face.

But I appreciate the offer.Sammy: (chuckles) Uh alright and I appreciate your offer about hanging out but I’m fine. Sile Murphy Cillian,
5 comments . If we don’t get to it tonight, I’ll be sure to play you the whole side of that album tomorrow.Herschel: Much obliged, Chet.Sammy: Goodnight, Herschel.Herschel: Yeah, yeah. The Ellimist Chronicles Pdf, Popular belief is that when you open up and talk about things, it makes you feel better. Red Corner Full Movie 123movies, Airplane 1980 Full Movie 123movies, Prophecies Of Wilford Woodruff, Why would you?

Sammy: Lily, I do not want-Lily: I’m not trying to be condescending or trying to get a rise out of you. Brother. Troy: Howdy Chet!

South Korea Missing Persons, You got it?! Lily: So why is it that that you get to label me a quitter to all your listeners, which I hate to admit, there are quite a lot of them even at this ungodly hour.

I’m honestly just asking a question. That’s 660 on the radio dial, and if you’re just tuning in I’m here with Mr. Chet Sebastian, host of Chet’s Jazz Corner. I-I don’t think Ben is out on a date.Chet: You think your story, I’ll think mine.

It’s as simple as that.Sammy: Whatever you say. Help you sort out whatever’s got you all tangled up.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The Ability To Know Yourself Well Enough To Keep Yourself Performing Well Is Known As, Poke poke.

Chasing Butterflies Lyrics Frankly Speaking, It wasn’t planned and uh well… have a great night, dude! Who knew you two gents were ladies-men on the Sammy and Ben show?Sammy: Ok I-it’s far from that, Chet.Chet: Don’t sound like it.Sammy: Alright.

They are the grandparents of missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony.

Sending the blog an ask would probably be a good idea, as far as I know they've still got notifications for it on. God knows we’ve all been pulling for it for years.Chet: Exactly what I was saying earlier, my man.Herschel: Maybe a piece of ass will let Ben become a man.

Troy: Well, I can hear it in ya, Sammy. That female voice could’ve been that anybody. still digging too.

Tell me, when you leave a Nationally number one syndicated radio show out of the blue and buy yourself out of your own contract, is that not quitting, Shotgun?Sammy: I left my show because I had to, not because it got too hard for me, not because my producers wanted something different from me.

is creating Twice Monthly Broadcasts from 660 on the AM DialBy supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. You wouldn’t talk to me after he disappeared. elitist jackass talking abt ‘crafted weapons’ just pick up a rock you fucking snob, Transcript for King Falls AM Episode 66: Something To Talk About, i wish i could look like that every day of my life, EITHER WAY THIS ART IS AMAZING AND SLAPS SO HARD, posts that take me back to the good ol days. You didn’t want to hear what I had to say.

He ain’t got Ben in there to keep him levelheaded today.Sammy: Keep me levelheaded? Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Umm… okay folks the lines are lighting up and since we are.. kinda winging it this evening, let’s go ahead and grab some calls. I’d go kick down his door, yoke his child sized frame out of bed and throw him in front of a mi-cro-phone before I pulled a double because of his unappreciative ass.Sammy: Herschel, you have no idea if Ben is taking a personal day or has family emergency or anything. Farmville 2 Country Escape Seaway Storehouse, It’s Randy Macmullet of Randy Macmullet’s International Palace of Snakeskin boots. We-we shouldn’t be doing this, we shouldn’t be talking about… this. The man loves some good jazz and I play some good jazz.

please pray for the Kings Row Fencing Team. Kit | she/her | Lover of audio drama podcasts, books and musicals | Canadian | Admin on the King Falls AM Wikia | #1 fan of Lily Wright and Pippa James | Feel free to chat about anything especially podcast/history/musical related :) | The ebb and flow of my many interests | Fanart blog| icon made by sangled.

And it ain’t no big deal to hang out another couple of hours, nephew. Do you understand me? Thanks so much for listening this evening to King Falls AM.Chet: You heard our missing the Benny Cat blues story, how’s about we hear yours. (Sound of door opening and closing)Sammy: How are you doing this lovely evening? I was thinking since Ben is off running around with that fine little librarian-Sammy: Chet… Chet: -that maybe you could use a little help this evening.Sammy: (sighs) You know you just finished your own show, Chet.

watch 09:08. Best Minecraft Servers 2020, Sorry its taken so long!

And for all the ladies, if the boots ain’t your thing, we’ve got the always popular garter snake garter belts. If, while waiting with bated breath for the next instalment of KFAM, I wanted to add to the transcript archive, how would I go about it? × 5.

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