About Us

We knew what you want, we are your chosen one



Almost everyone craves a trip to cafe every now and then, drinking a good cup of coffee with main course served and some pastry to satisfied a sweet tooth, but too often I felt compelled to abstain. I’d complain to friends that I could rarely find a café that serve equally good coffee and food, not to mention the pastry too. Most agreed and eventually we have a team of passionate people that felt the same way and decide that we will make a difference. It was at that time that the idea of Blackwood was born.
I decided that our cafe would only use the finest freshest ingredients, have the friendliest staff and a space that they will leave behind everything and just enjoy the time over here. After thousands of hours of hard work and heaps of help from friends, family & loyal supporters, we finally made it.
Thank you for your support.

– Blackwood’s Team








Our Mission
We want our food to taste good and do you good. We challenge the idea of café food being served in fine dining presentation that is healthy & great in value. That’s why we make our food the old-fashioned way, which we cook them only when it’s been ordered. We do this by using only the highest quality & freshest ingredients. Our recipe had been tested & improved many times to achieve a balance between great taste & good for health.

Our Vision
A balance lifestyle lead to a good life, we all know that. When it comes to café, a perfect balance between mouth-watering food & inspirational environment that synergy to create an awesome café experience, it is the Blackwood’s way.



We love to hear from our customers, our commitment is to serve you the best and making sure that every single customer leaves our store with a smile of joy.







Core Value

There are lots of challenges we face daily while operating cafes, we believe if we do what we love & do what we believe in, we will get there someday, sooner or later. We know is not going to be easy but we sure it’s going to be worth it.